The Ultimate Adventure

Sentir emerged from the visionary exploration of a group of traiblazers who embarked on a captivating expedition through a realm brimming with enticing aromas, captivating flavors, and boundless cultural wonders.

We are a brand that wants to bring the best of Oaxaca and Mexico to the world, and one of the ways to do this is by integrating the work of the artisans into our bottles.

With our limited edition bottles you are obtaining a unique piece of art where artisans weave baskets to put our labels on and others use their imagination to meticulously hand paint with colorful details our bottles the same way they that they paint “alebrijes”, which are mythological figures that incorporate different animals into one.


«Is not about understanding is about feeling» is our guiding principle, a straightforward yet impactful vision of constant improvement, embracing the sustainable path for the greater good, and upholding a steadfast commitment to nurturing the planet, the environment, and every individual who contributes to the creation of each exquisite drop of mezcal.

The Maestro Mezcalero have kept the family tradition alive in crafting mezcal. Behind every bottle and every connection lies a Maestro Mezcalero with deep-rooted ancestral knowledge that transcends generations, brimming with rituals and age-old methods that contribute to the creation of a truly exceptional elixir.

Passion is inheritance, and you will adore embracing it!

Taking care

We care of every stage, starting from cultivating the highest quality agave to crafting the most sustainable mezcal. Our unwavering focus revolves around the next cores principles: Community, Land, and Gratitude for the Earth.